Local & Reliable Web Hosting

Windsor, Ontario, Canada


Local and Reliable Web Hosting

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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Xieom.com is a local web hosting provider for the Windsor, Ontario and surrounding areas. Xieom.com is committed to reliable hosting services to keep your website up and running at all times.

Recently, Xieom.com has expanded its operations to include a wider base of clients not only in the Windsor, Ontario area, but beyond.

All Xieom.com clients have complete control of their websites via the CPanel, and access to a wide range of products and services to produce, modify, or enhance websites. And, all of Xieom.com hosting clients can maintain custom and flexible accounts to balance need with cost, saving money while maintaining the integrity of their projects.

More Than Just A Hosting Provider

Because Xieom.com's focus is primarily local, the distance between customer and service provider is much closer, communicating with clients from a local perspective, aware of local trends, market conditions, and culture.

Xieom.com offers its hosting clients a wide variety of services beyond web hosting such as:

  • Custom Web Solutions

    How ever your current website is constituted, either by hand or a content management system, Xieom.com can help facilitate additions, modifications, and improvements to your site such as: forums, shopping carts, or just about any custom application, integrating them seemlessly into the architecture of your site. Contact us anytime for a quote on time and cost.

  • Web Design

    If you're new to the web, or need to have your site updated/changed, Xieom.com is ready to help with your web design needs. Completely unique designs will allow your site to distinguish itself from the ocean of template and cookie-cutter websites in existence today. Xieom also delivers more secure environments, avoiding the use of publicly available commercial software that can often times create security risks for your web content. Perhaps most important, Xieom offers you one-on-one and personal customer care when it comes to your site, and its needs, making for a more comfortable experience, knowing you can talk to someone directly about your site.

Contact Us Or Signup Today

Contact us today for more information about the unique service portfolio Xieom.com offers, review our web hosting plans, or signup today.

* - The advertised monthly rate of $ 8.95 is based on the purchase of a one year ( 12 months ) service plan. Canadian residents are required to pay H.S.T ( 13% ) in addition to any amount payable.

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